Handcrafted Beads and Jewelry

Other Arts and Crafts


These are totems that I made using my lampworked beads. One of them has found metal and etched metal between the beads.


I make mosaic items, mostly frames from mirrors at the present time. But I have made a Day of the Dead skull, influenced by the mosaics of Laurel Skye, whose style I really like.

In this skull I used jewels, millifiori, glass tiles, pearls, gemstones and metal chain. The eyes are earrings that I found at a local antique mall.

This is an example of a mirror frame, but I have not gotten the mirror cut yet.


Mini Art Canvases

These pieces are 2" X 2" canvas stretched over wood. I've used a variety of found objects, handmade cabochons, and bought objects, both new and antique. They can hang in groups on the wall as they are, or framed singly or in groups, such as 3 in a shadow box, or 2 or 3 glued to a rustic board.  $7 each or 3 for $18.


Walking/Hiking Sticks

The wood of the one on the left is unknown and the wood of the center one is water maple. While the wood of the one on the right is unknown, it has beaver tooth marks on the surface where the beavers removed the bark. All sticks are finished with a polyurethane finish. I have lots of sticks. If these and others are ever for sale, it will be at a local shop. If you live locally and need a hiking stick, ask me. I got 'em!


Painted Rocks

 Who would have thought... millions of years ago when the molecules that are this igneous rock were thrust together in the bowels of the earth, and heaved up during uplift to be spit out in the state of Utah, then tumbled down a river for years to round its edges, that it would end up in my living room with tulips painted on it? Boggles the mind.

This specimen is not for sale because it's my first effort at this and it is not original (the design came from a book). The tulips are painted all around this rock.

This rock is cube-shaped and approximately 1.5 inches across on the longest side. The flowers are African Violets, inspired by one I used to have in my window.

Too much time on my hands department: Painted gravel.


Doodled Rocks

Here are examples of doodled rocks. The decoration is made with ink. This is a relaxing art that I do while watching TV. These are available on my DustKatchers site on Etsy.




This room box is 13" wide, 10" tall and 10" deep. The floor is brick, which I mortared. The walls are a "stucco" that I made from Elmer's glue and craft sand. I purchased the Indian poster and framed it myself; the other poster is a BMW poster from the Internet and framed by me. The dog bed is a piece of cloth. All other items in the room box were commercially purchased. This room box is not for sale.

Below is an updated photo of the garage room box. I added a person, a stool, some magazines (which you cannot see) and the owner got a new dog and cat!

This is a Clivia lily plant in a commercially bought terracotta pot. The leaves are fashioned from twist ties and painted by me.

These grasses are made from painted twist ties. The pot is commercially bought. The coin is a quarter.


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